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Company branding implies a set of values, a vision, a way of promotion and presentation as well as characteristics that the market associates with your company. From a company’s visual identity and website design to crucial branding elements such as logos and other branding assets, we help our clients design brands their customers love.

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Logo is a

Logo Design

Finding perfect logo for your company is a very sensitive and important process because logo creation takes careful selection between elements, symbols, and esthetics, which must fit your company’s needs and reflect your company’s values. A successfully created logo is functional, memorable, and always recognizable, regardless of the method or medium of application.

Unique and
custom packaging

Package Design

We all know that the book is sold by the cover, so it is necessary to provide good packaging for your products, in order to attract the attention of potential customers. Your products deserve packaging that will have value in itself, and our designers are there to guide you through the complete packaging design and presentation process

Laganoo FAQ

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Graphic design services include logo and design of visual identity, branding, crafting social media visuals, website design and other branding assets.

You can get professional insight and help in creating a branded visual identity. More specifically, graphic designers can create logos, corporate identity and branding, package and printed design, ads for PPC campaigns…

Yes! And that is the most important part of the process - the client brief. From it, we will get to know your business better, learn about your goals and target audience, how and where will the design be used, etc.

Yes, of course. Since your business should keep up with business trends, graphic design can specifically address the solutions for achieving this goal.

Graphic design is not just an extra service, it is an integral part of your business brand. We all know how important it is to leave a good first impression and it simply cannot be done without visuals created by experienced graphic designers.