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Email Marketing

91% of internet users check their email at least once a day and for many it is the first task in their morning routine. We help clients create successful email marketing strategies focused on building trust and offering values.

Email Marketing Benefits

Great Return on Investment – Email is still the most effective marketing channel for businesses.

Easy to Measure – Email marketing allows you to track open rates, click through and conversion rates.

Reach Engaged Audience – You can directly target those who already have an interest in your brand.

Email campaigns are strategically
planned to deliver a unified
marketing message

  • Content creation​ – We create email content.
  • Content Layout​ – We design email templates.
  • Content Distribution – We distribute content to contact database.
  • Content Analytics – We report on effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

When figures speak better than words…

Did you know that:

  • 59% of marketers say emailing is their greatest source of ROI (Emma)
  • For 73% of marketing managers, the ROI of email marketing is considered “Good” or “Excellent” (SaleCycle)
  • Email is 40x more effective at getting new customers than social media (McKinsey)

Laganoo FAQ

Get your answers

With email marketing you are able to reach your clients and potential clients, create and manage databases, get measurable results of your campaign, notify clients on current achievements and offers.

Email marketing is a great way to be in touch and interact with potential and existing clients.

Yes, email marketing is suitable for all businesses, but the email campaign should be adjusted to the specific business niche.

You should send newsletters according to your business needs, however you shouldn't send newsletter too often. From 2-4 newsletters a month should suffice.

Email open rate is the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email of your total number of subscribers.