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Search Engine

Show up as the top results and earn more qualified search traffic to your website. We help you achieve higher search rankings for greater brand visibility.

Improved Website Visibility

High-quality content, fast and responsive website with easy navigation.

Higher Engagment Rates

Visitors will likely spend more time on mobile-friendly websites with useful content

Boost Your Credibility

Highly ranked websites are considered trustworthy by search engines.

On page

On Page SEO involves activities:

Selection and use of relevant keywords,

Content optimization through tags and titles,

The process of creating and maintaining
the website, with intention of achieving high positioning in search results for the relevant keywords,

Creating a design that provides ease of use.

Off page

These are all actions we perform outside the website itself, with the aim of improving its ranking on search results, with a focus on the following activities:

Linking within the website and outside the website,

Making links from other websites to your website,

Optimization and realization of traffic through social networks.

Optimization for

Most users access the website via mobile phones.

If the website is not adapted to the screens of mobile devices, the visitor will, according to research, most likely leave the website immediately, which can cause you to lose potential customers and increase the “Bounce rate” of the website, which lowers its search ranking.

We create content for your website, with the appropriate design, so that it is best adapted to mobile devices.

We strategically optimize
search engines
to boost organic rankings

  • ON-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Analysis ranking and traffic
  • OFF-page promotion and SEO reporting
  • Delivering the website to browser
  • Website and competition
  • An optimizing page for major keywords
  • Building backlinks
  • Content optimization

Laganoo FAQ

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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimizations. This refers to optimizing your website for its higher positioning on search engines such as Google.

Despite the fact that the precise impact of most of the ranking factors are unknown to the public in general,websites can be optimized in a way that makes them more search engine friendly. Algorithms that decide the position on a search results page are constantly updated - something that was working a few years ago may not work today.

Keywords are words and phrases that people type (or say) in search engines when searching for something on the internet. They are used in SEO to let the search engines know what the content is about so it can pair it with a matching query. 

Optimization done on the website itself is called On-page SEO. It includes giving proper names to every page, their description, naming images, etc.. Website speed is also one of the most important factors, and tweaks to improve it are also considered On-page SEO.


Everything that is done outside of the website (with the goal to improve its traffic) is known as Off-page search engine optimization. Backlinking, link sharing, submitting websites to directories are all Off-page methods.

In short - no. Nobody (except maybe a few people at Google 🙂 ) can promise you that. It may depend on many factors - your competition, how consistent you are with publishing new and relevant content, etc.


But what can be guaranteed is that, if you use the right keywords and optimize your site right, over time the position of your website will greatly improve.