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Almost 75% of people use social media when making a purchase decision. We’ve not only build a digital voice but we help your brand to be present and heard by millions of users. Drive your return on investment from channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with our competitive social media advertising.

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Increase Brand Recognition

People are more likely to pick brands they know well, so you want them to get familiar with your brand.

Build a Community

If people enjoy being a part of your community, it allows you to create ambassadors for your brand that are more likely to tell others about your business.

Boost Website Traffic

You can post links to content on your social profiles. It’s a great opportunity to direct traffic from your social profile to your website.

A 360° team
at your service

With many years of experience and following current trends in the field of digital marketing, the company for digital and
e-commerce services Laganoo combines different platforms and creates a winning strategy for appearances on social networks, with:

– Creation and implementation of communication strategy,
– Creation and publishing of relevant content,
– Adequate visual identity,
– Professional communication with followers,
– Advertising to target groups on social media,
– Create and manage Google paid campaigns,
– Creation of a database of new potential clients.

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Laganoo FAQ

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With millions of social media users that frequent the platform on a daily basis, having a business profile on one or more platforms will result in increased visibility to a global audience of potential clients. Many businesses shift their focus to creating quality social media profiles in order to connect with customers, extend reach, run ads for the fraction 

of the price and more. 

Platforms like Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram or all provide custom benefits. Choose a platform based on your target audience and the type of your business. Linkedin is the best platform for B2B marketing, Facebook still has the largest audience and is good for targeting ads, Instagram is best in terms of demographics with users of all ages using it.

The active presence on social media is important. There is no golden rule for how often businesses should post content. The rule of the thumb is to post no more than seven and no less than a few times a week. But keep in mind that this depends on the content type and audience you want to reach.

Social media management packages include basic, advanced and pro packages created to suit the specific needs of our clients.

A social media post is any content published to your social media accounts, on the other hand an ad on social media represents paid content shown to targeted people on the platform.

Of course! We will send you a monthly plan with all posts for a review and change them if needed, based on your feedback.