Add a Product on your Laganoo online store

Adding a product on your Laganoo online store is very simple. Follow these steps so you can add or remove products in no time.

How to Disconnect Facebook

By disconnecting Facebook from your e-commerce store, no one will be able to shop on your Facebook store. If, from what ever reason, you want to disconnect your store, you can do this in only a few clicks.

How to Set Up a Subscription

Sell products or services on recurring business. Customers place an order only once-then they are charged automatically according to the schedule you set. Subscriptions can also be used to offer recurring donations.

How to list Products on Facebook

Products on Facebook shop are organized into collections, which are simmilar to categories in the store. Easy manage and categorize your products on Facebook, using Laganoo platform.

How to connect to Facebook

Laganoo online platform makes it easier than ever to connect your e-commerce store to Facebook. Now you can start selling to billions of users on this platform.

Introduction to SEO

SEO will help your store to get found on Google and other search engines. SEO is the process of optimizing your store or website to get organic or un-paid traffic from search engine results.

Manage Abandoned Carts on your Laganoo online store

Use amazing tools to manage abandoned carts. As a store owner you want to encourage potential buyers, who for whatever reason left items in their shopping cart, to come back and make a purchase.

Sell on Facebook with your Laganoo online store

Sell on Facebook with just a few clicks with your Laganoo online store. ⚡️Selling via Facebook, in addition to all the benefits it brings, also allows you to advertise your Facebook store.

Sell on Instagram with your Laganoo online store

Start selling on Instagram with only a few clicks using Laganoo online store. This way, Instagram users are able to research products and brands and make decisions, and you and your brand are able to be noticed and selected.

Set Up In-Store/Curbside Pickup on your you Laganoo online store

No need to worry about shipping. Take advantage of various shipping options we have in store for you. You can arrange:

Welcome to your Laganoo online store

Start selling within 15 minutes! Laganoo gives you sophisticated marketing and sales features in an omnichannel platform, so you can sell everywhere and manage your store quickly from anywhere.